Administration af infoskærme online


Central management of Digital Signage

Administration dashboard

Get an overview of your content and screens from the user-friendly administration dashboard. The dashboard provides access to a live preview, your presentations, account settings, inviting other users to your account, template designer, time management, payment schedule and more.



Let your imagination take over

It must be simple management

In Screenpublisher it is easy to create and modify content on your signage screens. Are you familiar with eg Powerpoint and Word, you can quickly create exciting content to your viewers. Mix different page layouts and slides with pictures, video, calendar, text, marquee and more.

online administration af infoskærme
Administration af infoskærme online

Invite administrators and editors to your departments

User management and departments

Do you have an organization with several departments? Create departments from control panel for free. The advantage of this is that you can invite other users to one department without they have access to manage content of the company’s other departments.

Superadministratorer kan booke indhold på tværs af alle oprettede afdelinger.

Are there features that you are missing?

Add new features from Screenpublisher App Store

In the Screenpublisher app store you will find features that are not included in the standard (free version) package from the start. This is where you among other things, adds the ability to add Word, Excel, Exchange, Conventus and more. We continually add new Apps in as new opportunities and brugerindput occurs.

online administration af infoskærme

Design theme creates the visual frame for your content

Create your own templates

With the template designer you have completely free hands. We have made a number of templates that you can choose from to start, custom signage screens in FullHD. But do you need other sizes or configurations, these can be created in a user-friendly template designer.

Booking is working like a normal calendar

Send your content to you signage screens

Once your content is ready to be displayed to the outside world, presentations must be booked at the players that manage the signage screen. In the booking calendar you get a full overview of all players and easily choose what content to display on each screen and in what period of time.

Har du oprettet flere afdelinger kan du booke indhold på tværs af disse.

What is needed?

A display, a signage player and your communication skills

The technical setup is really quite simple. You obviously need a good display. In addition, you need a player with internet connection, which sends the content that you create in the Screenpublisher, to the screen. You can use your own equipment or order it in our store (EU only).

This is where you manage your signage screens

See images from your control panel

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