Available modules for all Premium accounts

Add or remove the modules you need via the App store in the control panel.

At no estra cost.

Text (included in the free version)

With the Text App you can insert and edit text in any content area. It is also possible to copy/paste content from word processing programs.

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Images (included in the free version)

Display your favorite photos on the screen. Images can be inserted using drag-and-drop. The app contains an editor so you can make adjustments if desired.

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Clock and date (included in the free version)

Insert the time and date on your screen. Fonts, colors, sizes and date format can be set as desired.

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RSS News ticker (included in the free version)

Insert scrolling text/marquee which pulls news via RSS format. You can select the predefined RSS feeds or enter your own link to your RSS news.

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Weather forecast

In a simple and fast way you can insert weather forecast for your area. Enter your city and select the weather today, 3 or 5 days forecast. Updates automatically.

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Have you had produced a commercial spot or other form of video clips, you can insert a video or more after each other and play them in loop. Supports MP4 video format.

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Calendar (iCal)

Subscribe to calendars from Google, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook or other services that support the open iCalendar format.

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Youtube video

Insert any video from YouTube. It is easy and only requires to copy the link into the YouTube video.

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Insert an activity feed from your facebook page. Feed update itself as you make status updates on facebook.

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Galleries from Instagram

Enter your Instagram account name or a # and view your pictures in a slide show on the info screen. Updates automatically.

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QR codes

Generate QR codes as your viewers can scan to go to your website, a good deal or something else from their smartphones.

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If you need to display a website on your screen – like a webshop, you can insert it by inserting your website URL. Set how often the link must be updated.

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Did you know? On a free account you can activate all Premium features for 14 days


Countdown to Event

Create excitement and insert timer that counts down to an event. It could be a countdown to summer vacation, or a product launch, many possibilities.

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Dias numbers and the countdown to the next slide

Does the presentation contains than one slide is often a good idea to insert dias number and the countdown to the next slide. The viewer does not have to guess when the next slide is displayed.

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TV2 News Vision

NEWS Vision is continually updated with the best and most important stories. The spots include news, sports, finance and weather. The content comes from TV 2 NEWS. Requires separate NEWS Vision subscription. Danish only

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Microsoft Powerpoint

With the Powerpoint app you can drag-and-drop MS-Powerpoint files into your presentation. Add Powerpoint app in Screenpublisher App-store.

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When you insert a PDF file there is generated images slide show of each page in the PDF document. Set the time to elapse between changing page settings.

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Microsoft Word

With the Word app you can drag-and-drop MS-Word files into your presentation. Add the Word app in Screenpublisher App-store.

Evishine solar data

Using Evishine you can show the data from your solar panels directly on the screen – when you want to insert your data, simply type the URL where your data is located, and press Insert.

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Embed external code

Embed external code allows great flexibility and many options for your info screen.

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Changing text

With Changing text app you can write a number of different messages that changes acording to the settings you have made. You can set how long each message is displayed.


Insert any video from the Vimeo. It is easy and only requires to copy the link into the video on Vimeo.

Microsoft Excel

With the Excel app you can drag-and-drop Excel files into your presentation. Add the Excel app in Screenpublisher App-store.

Table from spreadsheet

Do you want to insert a table from a spreadsheet you can select the cells and copy-paste them into the field in the Screenpublisher. An easy and quick way to display your data.

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News slideshow (RSS)

The News box gets its news (like the Marquee app) data via RSS feeds and are always updated with the latest news. Set how many news to be displayed appearance of the box and more.

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Microsoft Exchange

Insert calendar data from Microsoft Exchange to your info screens. The app supports: Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013 SP1.

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SmartWeb statistik

SmartWeb og Screenpublisher gør det muligt at vise statistik fra din webshop på en overskuelig og lækker måde på infoskærme.

Læs sådan gør du


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